Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snowy Sunday.

Still at Stoke Bruerne, still snowing.

Sometimes one forgets the obvious, this morning I neglected to whack the cratch cover before unzipping and throwing it back: result? What felt like half a ton of snow straight down the back of  the neck, and I hadn't even had the morning cuppa.

A passing moorhen gave me the sort of look that said, "I don't know what you're moaning about, try a day with your backside in the water".

When I cast my mind back to my childhood (And that's a long throw), we had at least two or three weeks of snow every winter but I never got a day off school, the buses and trains ran, not on time of course but they never were in those days, and life carried on. Do snow chains for cars no longer exist? We've had a brief warm interlude since the 1970's and now we're back to normal, cold winters and wet summers. We can still enjoy the national pastime of moaning about the weather. I always remember an old farmer who told me that, "Britain doesn't have a climate, it just has weather".

Watch this space...........

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