Friday, 8 March 2013

A trip through the murk.

After such a pleasant day on Tuesday we found Wednesday to be a bit of a disappointment, cold and grey. The only highlight was lunch in The Wharf at Fenny Compton. A few years ago I used to warn people not to stop there as it was so dire, but now, food brilliant, beer spot on and for the boating fraternity a laundrette and even a ladies hairdressers, besides the shop. We still don't rate the moorings there but we decided to stay overnight and then yesterday it rained, then it poured and occasionally it chucked it down so we stayed put.

This morning we set of through the murk, heading northward again.

Now and again a farm building would loom through the fog. We passed a sign telling us to enjoy it

while it was still there.
All was quiet except for the birds who were loudly proclaiming their possession of a suitable territory and asking the ladies if they fancied breeding.

One of the local farmers had got a new Tonka Toy on display, not sure if that will attract the local ladies or not.
We are now moored just below Napton Adkins Lock, as the weather forecast looks a bit rough and it's Six Nations again this weekend I think we'll be here for a day or two.

Our current neighbours.

Watch this space............

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