Saturday, 9 March 2013

Change of plan.(Again).

Having perused the weather forecast for the next few days we decided we wanted to be a bit nearer some facilities. So this morning we sauntered down Napton locks. For anyone who hasn't seen the forecast, the ice age is about to return.
The towpath is still up to the usual Oxford standard.

I love the signs all along this canal proclaiming "Oxford Canal Walk", perhaps it should add, "Stout footwear may be required".

Compulsory picture of Napton windmill, it is there, in the clag.
So we are now snug at Napton, within hailing distance of the water point, if it doesn't freeze up, near a shop and close to The Folly. Bring on the weather.
Wales v. Scotland and Ireland v. France this afternoon. Time to unlock the beer locker.

Watch this space............

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