Saturday, 2 March 2013

Some locks and a new marina.

We worked out the itinerary for the next few days last night, so today we have wended our way down as far as Cropredy.

 It was my turn on the locks today so I got stuck in on the top lock. Note to C&RT, these paddles need a bit of grease, or maybe it's the long lay off affecting my locking ability. No, surely not, strength of an ox, that's me.

The old canal company workshops, now a des. res., still guard the top lock. The owners have no road access, the only way to it is across the lock gates after a walk up the towpath of nigh on a quarter of a mile. Or by boat.

I love the look of locks, they are the ultimate combination of elegance and function.

Just like me.

On the fender makers hut at Broadmoor Lock the bird feeder had attracted a small flock of long tailed tits, at one point there were five long tailed, two blue and one great tit but the arrival of a tractor on the bridge caused an exodus.

Just north of Cropredy the new marina is taking shape, the first pontoons are in place and the entrance is ready to be dug out but there is no sign of progress on the facilities and we could see no plant on site. If they intend having it open in April they are going to have to get a shift on.

Plenty of soil heaped up on the side of the cut though.
Tomorrow we head for Banbury and a bit of shopping, just to get all the things we forgot last time we were there.

Watch this space..............

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