Sunday, 12 June 2011

What an 'orrible day, plus a poem(of sorts).

As planned we sat today out at Stone, at 06.30 it was a beautiful morning. At 09.00 I watched an angler who was fishing just at the back of us land a carp of about twelve pound, it was a beauty and yes I was jealous. At 09.30 it started to bucket down and it hasn't stopped all day. The dog's afternoon walk lasted about thirty seconds, she did what she had to and was back at the front of the boat before I had chance to even zip the cratch cover down, I didn't complain. I came back on board and put the central heating on.
Seeing the number of boats who gave up on travelling and moored here we are not moving tomorrow, I get the feeling that the locks may just be a tad busy.
So apart from watching the rain run down the windows we have done nothing today. But I did write a poem to fit the conditions:

If someone goes polishing brass
A really wet day comes to pass,
So who of the muster
Has had out the duster?
You deserve a kick up the .......

Watch this space...............

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