Friday, 17 June 2011

Return to Tixall.

Having enjoyed our stay at Salt we upped sticks for Great Haywood, at Weston Lock there was a queue, well there was a boat ahead of us and then one came in behind.

The canal's version of Reuters, all the news being broadcast, it's amazing the speed that information moves along the cut, quicker than the interweb.
There seemed to be more boats about than we have seen for a while, visions of the usual chaos at Gt. Haywood, especially as we needed water and that must be the busiest waterpoint ever. At the junction nothing was moving and even the waterpoint was empty. Water acquired, rubbish disposed of and still not a boat in sight, we moved off and turned onto the Staffs. and Worcs. without incident and headed for Tixall Wide.

Jill got a good shot at a heron, she says the chairs in the background spoil it, no pleasing some people.
We moored at the start of the Wide, this would be a lovely place to moor if it wasn't for the fact that everyone else thinks so too.

I do like waterlilies.
We walked down to the village, had to post father's day card, and look who was walking down the towpath ahead of us.

It didn't seem to be bothered by our presence, must see plenty of people around here.

Above the lock Monarch and butty were working through.
It was a pleasant stroll but having looked at today's weather forecast I don't intend sticking my nose off the boat.

I even took this photo from the side hatch. We may move tomorrow.

Watch this space..............

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