Monday, 27 June 2011

Norbury Junction (Yet again).

We had our curry at Brewood (Pronounced Brood) and moved on toward Norbury Junction,

over the A5 aqueduct

we passed the boatyard where this shell has resided for at least four years. I think if it was fitted out it would make a brilliant boat, shame, just checked my pockets, not enough small change to do it.
Through a typical Shroppie cutting

to Wheaton Aston where, as we worked through the lock, it started to chuck it down, again. We stopped below the lock to water and when we left I took this photo',

yes it is the services block at Wheaton Aston and IT WAS FULLY FUNCTIONAL.  We also passed this boat,

the idea is, that by camouflaging half the boat, B.W. will be confused as to its length and the licence will be cheaper! No? Oh well.
Sunday was spent at Little Onn, hottest day of the year and not before time.

The day ended with a truly spectacular sunset, these pictures do not do justice to the colours.
Now at Norbury, weather is hot, sticky and trying to rain with thunder storms forecast, back to normal then.

We went down the cafe for a bacon butty when we arrived and, as we crossed the bridge, we could hear the wonderfully syncopated beat of a Bolinder approaching, it was

Spey, one of Clayton's old tar boats.
Tomorrow we put Armadillo up the side arm and on Wednesday we pick up the car and off to Plymouth, so posts may be a bit irregular over the next week or so.

Watch this space............

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