Sunday, 5 June 2011

Starting up the Cheshire Locks.

On Friday the sun shone and the wind didn't blow, although it was misty first thing.

Anyway I decided to bite the bullet, out came the brush, off came the chimney and soot went everywhere. We now have a nice clean flue ready for next winter. Jill actually said I had done well and not spread the soot too widely around the boat.
 After all that hard work it was back to the fishing, plenty of roach and gudgeon again so I decided that it would be an early start next morning, fishing that is. After slinging plenty of ground bait in I started at 06.00. All the maggots had gone so it was sweetcorn on the hook,

it worked.
Today we set off fairly early, watered at Wheelock and set off up the flight. There was a hire boat ahead of us, the lady from it asked how many locks there were and her face fell when I told her twenty six. They winded above the first lock and headed back the way they had come, they really should have invested in a Nicholsons.

The paired locks are handy, when they are both in action. It was quiet on the flight so they weren't needed today.

Rural views from the locks, it's always a pleasure coming up this flight, it's probably as nice going down but we've only ever come up it so I can't comment.
Well I was lockie today,

so here is a piccie of me doing physical work, got to be a rarity.
We've moored out in the country again, just above lock fifty five.

I know it doesn't show very well but that is Mow Cop in the distance. Tomorrow here and then off for Harecastle and that long, long, narrow, low tunnel, not to mention damp.

Watch this space.......

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