Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Black Works and a black bird.

We're heading for Norbury Junction again. We have to be in Plymouth for the start of July, family gathering, and Simon has kindly agreed to look after Armadillo for us. Hire car is booked for the twenty-ninth, hopefully all logistics are in place.
Today's trip is one we have done oft times before, heading from Penkridge toward Cut End, stopping somewhere in the country.
Through seven locks to Gailey where the round house dominates the scene,

  after Gailey it's through the Black Works,

with its pipe bridges and assorted buildings, then through Long Moll's Bridge (I still have not discovered who she/he was) and we have stopped near bridge seventy-four. Spendidly isolated, just a farm visible in the distance.
On the way we spotted a crow struggling in the canal so, being kindly people, we scooped it out with my landing net and returned it to terra firma, it didn't look too healthy but at least it's in with a chance.

This is a crow, not the one we rescued but as not much has happened I'm trying to bulk the post out a bit. Yes I know it could be a rook but in my vast areas of ignorance ornithology is right up there on the leader board.

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