Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Stone to Salt plus a fishy tale.

We crept quietly out of Stone yesterday morning before the rush started. Once again I was duty lockie.

The Stone flight appears to have been designed to be worked by long legged, skinny acrobats, wrong on all counts as far as I'm concerned.

The Star Inn alongside the bottom lock, sorry but this is no longer a proper pub, it is more like a theme park idea of a pub. From all accounts the food is pretty indifferent as well. If you are in need of a decent beer in Stone just cross the bridge and The Swan is just across the road, real ale heaven.
We made our gentle way down to Salt and moored just before the bridge, although it's not marked as a mooring there are mooring rings here. The west coast main line is right next to the canal but as the Pendolinos only take four seconds to pass it's not that bad.

Five minutes up the road is The Holly Bush, not so much a pub as a restaurant with well kept real ale. Trust me the food is superb and not overly expensive. I had the venison casserole, delicious and an ample portion. Worth a punt if you're on the T & M.
This morning I was up and fishing by 05.30. My trusty split cane rod and wooden reel were deployed and after a few minutes

a nice little chub.
I also had bream and two, count 'em, two, carp.

I gave up about 10.30 as the boat traffic was building up, who do these boaters think they are? Anyone would think the canals were built just for boats.
Oh, were they? gosh.

Watch his space................

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