Thursday, 2 June 2011

We make it to Paddys Wood.

Jill took this yesterday morning at 0430, how pleasant to have a dawn with no rain and wind.

Just catch those reflections. Of course I'm not jealous because she took a better photo' than me. No I'm not sulking, well not a lot really. Later we moved back to Middlewich and once again raided Tescos so we are set for a few days. They had Ogio Primitivo on offer, wine rack looking healthy.
We set off early this morning, aiming to get through the junction and water before the rush, rather upset the young angler who was fishing at the junction, especially as the waterpoint leaked as we filled and it ran under his bivvy, I felt so bad about it. Just above Kings Lock Swallow, ex Cowburn & Cowper, was getting ready to set off, aiming to make Etruria today for the festival.

At Rumps Lock we spotted these blocks by the top beam.

How many pairs of tackety boots have pushed against these in the last two hundred + years? My trainers blushed for shame.
By now Swallow was hard on our heels so I lifted a paddle for them as we set off, by lock sixty-nine they were breathing down our necks and at sixty-eight we pulled over and I worked them through the lock, that was the last we saw of them although at Crows Nest Lock they had returned the compliment and lifted a paddle.
We sauntered on to Paddys Wood where we moored. Out fishing tackle and the pint of maggots I had acquired yesterday. Plenty of bites and a couple of nice roach plus a swarm of gudgeon.

I don't think I hooked this one, I think the maggot had grabbed it by the throat.

As I sit here the neighbours are peering through the side hatch. This is a lovely place to moor, you could just about squeeze two boats in, except we've claimed it for ourselves.
Maybe a bit more fishing tomorrow, there are some decent carp around here, not that they will show up for me, but sitting in the sunshine, who cares.

Watch this space...........


Anonymous said...

Dont worry about the lads fishing at the water point, they are a total pest, bleepers all night, rubbish left all over the place, all their gear left strewn about when they go home for meals. There were no fishing signs all along that stretch due to the nuisance they cause, but they have all been removed,rant over.
& relax !

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

They sound like the norm for a certain type of angler, unfortunately all too common.