Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rain, a soggy horse and signs of spring.

Well it's another February day, we're at Hospital Bend near bridge eight and it's heaving it down.

This is the hospital, after which the bend is named, in the early morning rain. I'm not even sure if it is still in use, never seen any signs of life.

This chap is in the field opposite and looks about as impressed with the weather as we are.
Despite the rotten weather spring is definitely here, some of the willows are coming into leaf and this morning, when I dragged a very reluctant dog out for a walk, two cock blackbirds were strutting and squabbling in their surquedry while the concupiscible hen, the object of their disagreement, gazed at them with beady eye from the top of the hedge.
One of B.W.'s latest updates informs us that Atherstone locks have opened a week earlier than planned so our path is now open. We haven't worked a lock for nigh on four months so the flight will test our backs but oh won't it be good to be moving.
Jill has got a loaf of bread baking at the moment, I am dribbling on the keyboard as I type, the aroma that permeates the boat at the moment, you could put on weight just smelling it.

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