Sunday, 13 February 2011

Back to Market Bosworth.

Two views from the moorings at Shackerstone. We stopped overnight and after a couple of beers in the Rising Sun at lunchtime we went back in the evening for a meal, well up to standard. According to local legend, during the war, an air raid shelter was dug into the old castle motte. It is claimed that it is still there with a rocking chair still enclosed. Why that should be thought interesting I don't know, but I thought I would pass it on, could be a conversation killer in the pub one night I suppose.
Atherstone locks open on the twenty fifth so it will now be a slow meander in that direction and the start of the wandering life once again. With signs of spring all around there can be no finer part of the year to be moving, before all the summer visitors descend on the cut.

On the way down to M.B. on a perfect winters day, sunshine, no wind and the trees outlined against a sky of blue and pale grey and people ask why we live this way, if only they knew.
Have you looked at Harnsers Travels?( Two short lengths of film from about 1948 with George and Sonia Smith working Cairo and Warwick, not to be missed.

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