Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Illicit Snooker.

We are now drifting slowly towards Marston Junction and the big wide world beyond, the Ashby is fine but I really am feeling the need to travel.
In the last few days we've had

amazing cloud formations,

fantastic sunsets, but mostly wind and rain in over exuberant quantities.
We've made it as far as Hinckley and tomorrow intend raiding that well known supermarket before moving on.
By careful study of Radio Times (Other listings magazines are available) Jill has discovered that the Welsh Open snooker is being shown on BBC2 Wales, which we can get on Sky, so that is what we are watching. Somehow BBC2 Wales feels like something that should be watched behind drawn curtains but if Jill can find snooker, that's it. I must admit I quite enjoy snooker, takes me back to my misspent youth, I just never developed the skill that is supposed to accompany a misspent youth.


Julia & Mark said...

Thanks for the snooker tip, Mark had been trying to find it!

Chris and Debbie, said...

We are in wales now and can get nothing but Welsh TV.

The Simpsons are unavailable and as for everything else..... there does not seem to a world outside of here.
I'm not saying it is a bit jingoistic......O hold on a minute that is exactly what I am saying :)