Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The End.

Where else but England would you find a village with a name like that? It's not much of a village but you couldn't make that name up.
Today we have notched up a first, we reached the current end of the Ashby and actually found room to moor, so we moored.

The sun shone as we coasted by the enlarged winding hole and pulled in by the waterpoint. The plumbing has suffered badly from the freeze. To get water you have to turn on the stop cock nearest the floor in the elsan disposal and then dive out

as the entire edifice is filled with jets of water and spray, but you do get some water at the water point. Turning it off is even more fun but with my normal mansuetude I endured a free shower and a wade across the rather damp floor.
But this is what we had come to see, the newest stretch of navigable canal. I don't suppose we'll see it reach Measham but it's nice to think that it will happen.

This is the new stretch

and the bitter end and new slipway, all of which is guarded by the new swing bridge, (locked shut).

Quite pretty but I wonder what will happen to that nice alloy deck when the first over enthusiastic boater rams it?

The small print at the bottom reads"Permitted as part of a bona fide continuous cruise," gosh, thank you Leicestershire County Council.
Sorry if the heading seemed too good to be true, just the end of the cut, not the end of my blogging.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

I thought the bridge was only a temperary structure until the rest of the canal is opened. I wounder if they will open it and the moorings for continuous cruisers in the summer, I assume the rest of us will have to use the existing moorings.