Monday, 21 February 2011

Onto the Coventry.

Marston Junction, a sharp right and we were out on the Coventry

and heading towards Nuneaton.
On the way we passed

the remains of the Griff Arm, this used to serve Griff Colliery, one of the last working collieries in the area.
Nuneaton, to us, will always be allotment city, they seem to stretch for miles.

I love allotments, the eclectic collection of sheds, boundaries and water containers are a tribute to the ingenuity of the gardeners, never mind the varieties of vegetables on display.

Mount Judd, a spoil tip from the old Judkins quarry, at one time they had an agreement that the washings from the quarry could be discharged directly into the canal, this meant that the canal here was so shallow that at times it took two motors to pull a butty through the shallows. Apart from the usual urban debris (A settee, water butt and the normal plastic bags, tins etc.) the canal was quite navigable so there has been an improvement here.
It was a miserable day, cold and wet and we are now moored just before Springwood Haven, Atherstone tomorrow.

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