Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Armadillo v. the Post Office.

I'm proud of this photo, it's the first time we've been at Hartshill Yard and it hasn't been full off cars so here is the yard as it should look, although perhaps a little more activity would be good.

At Atherstone the Barge and Bridge has reopened and this chap, obviously a hangover from the festive season, is standing guard, we didn't try the pub though, The Maid of the Mill is our watering hole, it's a proper pub, decent beer and friendly locals.
We had arranged for our daughter to forward our mail to the sub post office on Coleshill Road, guaranteed 1 p.m. delivery, needless to say it wasn't there, total disinterest from the staff. back at the boat I tried the P.O. website, it told me the mail had been delivered. Tried 'phoning customer services, after battling through the usual "Press 1 for more bullsh*t" I found a real person, a Geordie who obviously thought I was some kind of weirdo for expecting to get the service that had been paid for and gave me the wrong number for Atherstone sorting office. The next attempt actually produced a nice lady who sorted it, our mail was at the sorting office and she gave me the correct number! Yes they'd got it but it wouldn't be delivered to the sub post office until 3.30p.m. Delivery by 1p.m., don't be silly, we might have to get off our backsides. In the end we walked to the sorting office and guess what, when confronted with a rather unhappy customer it was sincere apologies and it was every bodies fault but theirs. Privatisation? What a good scheme.
Tomorrow the locks!

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