Thursday, 3 February 2011

Peace and mud.

The ice has gone, almost, so we watered this morning and set off. Only as far as Iliffe Bridge though, it's one of our favourite moorings, out in the middle of nowhere, lovely countryside all around and not a road in hearing distance. Unfortunately, last year, our friends at B.W. backfilled the armco with dredgings from the canal, in some places they scattered grass seed on the backfill but not here. This means that the bank is somewhat glutinous and not conducive to nice clean boots or dog. I'm not knocking the work they have done, just a little more thought would have improved the end result enormously.
We've seen more boats on the move today than we have for ages, Pickles No.2 has just passed heading south, nice to wave to another blogger!
We intend a leisurely journey to the end of the cut, curiosity about the new one hundred yards and the fabulous swing bridge is overcoming us.

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