Tuesday, 25 January 2011

With one mighty bound he was free.

It may look just like any other bit of canal under louring January skies but to me at the moment it is the most beautiful length of cut on the system, because we are moored on it.
This morning we returned the hire car and then it was back to the boat and slip and proceed, at last we have crept out of the marina and not even the wind and the steady rain could add a touch of dolour to our departure.
Many thanks to Lee and Co., if you're going to get stuck in a marina there are many worse than Trinity but oh how good it is to look out again at fields, hedges and an infernally muddy towpath.
We have only seen one other boat moving today, perhaps the weather is deterring them. I think we'll have a day or two here, just to get used to wide horizons.

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