Monday, 3 January 2011

Back Home.

After new year at father's we came home yesterday via the M40, sighted about twenty red kites along the way. Then the A423, the Oxford was clear at Banbury but still iced at Fenny Compton and the G.U. was frozen at Long Itchington when we crossed it. Needless to say the Ashby is still solid although the ice in the marina is thinning slightly.
Much as we had a brilliant time away we were so glad to get back on board, get the fire going and settle down in our own little world.
Got to go back to Plymouth later this month as I have been booked in for some scan at the local hospital, as we are still registered with our Plymouth doctor everything happens down there. Nobody asked if I wanted this scan and I'm not even sure what it is but Jill says I'm going so I'm going. It will probably tell me I'm ageing, overweight and alcohol sodden, that'll be a surprise then.
This is an expensive time of year, Xmas, boat licence, insurance all come at once, nowt in the bank account but an echo, oh well, Jill says I need to lose weight, at least my wallet's a sight lighter!

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