Monday, 10 January 2011

Monitoring the Ashby

At last, this is the sloes hanging up in a jelly bag to extract the last drop of gin, we now have two bottles of ruby nectar, another week or two and consumption will begin, aahh, bliss.

You never know what will sail past on the Ashby, it appears to be a monitor but not a Roberts class as the gun turret is mounted too high. Just showing off, H.M.S. Roberts was up the creek at Devonport when I joined the navy, she was the last ship with 15" guns in the R.N. and was pointed out to us trainees, that is my total knowledge of monitors.

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Jill and Graham said...

Hello Graham & Jill, you've worried me now-should we be straining our sloes from the gin? We just sort of drink round ours. We're feeling pretty poor too - have been stuck in Birmingham since 21st November and the (too tempting) entertainment here isn't run along eleemosynary lines either (great word, but will I remember it in the morning!!). Jill, Matilda Rose