Thursday, 20 January 2011

Especially for Anon.

Arrived safely at Plymouth, medical scan proved that I'm going to live for ever and I bought a new pair of trousers at Matalans. That's about it at the moment, we're living life on the edge as usual.

Well here it is, just for Anon. who, a while back, asked for a picture of the rear of the restored Viva at Hinckley, I have no idea why anyone would want a rear view of a Viva but I'm an obliging sort so here it is, twice. Please note that some of the chrome trim is missing, oh Lord, I'm turning into an anorak.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I worked at vauxhall motors and my very first job was putting the bumper on. The viva range was wonderful. yours Tommy Shaw ex vauxhall empolyee 1961-1992. And after reading canal blogs we are going to holiday on one this year.