Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A puzzle and a rare sighting.

To break the monotony, yesterday, we walked up to Morrisons instead of Tescos, it's a good couple of miles from here so it stretched long under exercised muscles, we then made a circle of it by returning via the town. Just opposite Morrisons is this place, complete with obviously faux windmill.

We have a problem with this pub/eatery, why is it called the MILEstone when the theme is so obviously windmill? Jill's theory is that it was supposed to be called the MILLstone but when they ordered the signs the sign makers misread the order and by the time anyone realised the signs were in place and it was easier to let it remain the Milestone, I can only go along with that.

As we walked alongside the A447 up towards Morrisons we came across the first glimmer of the spring to come, frangible as cobweb but nevertheless still there, catkins ready to open and spray out their pollen into the warm air we are all waiting for.

Is this a first ever sighting? It was a chap actually cleaning road signs, soapy water and long brush in evidence, although the finished results were not overly impressive at least the effort was made!
Anyone who remembers my earlier post about the problems of replacing batteries in a boat whose fitout is not the most carefully thought through will be pleased to hear that my autoschediastical floor support is still holding up, although what will happen once we start moving is still open to discussion.
For anyone who is fed up with my sesquipedalianism I can only apologise. Get out of that one Cairstine!


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Bev Slaughter said...

Graham. I find your posts very informative, particularly the long words! Isn't it funny - I have an Anonymous on my blog and, like yours, can't say anything constructive! Cheers

Cairstine said...

Ps the anonymous comment wasn't me.