Sunday, 16 January 2011

Privatisation by any other name!

Still stuck in the marina, really thoroughly fed up now. Trip to Plymouth this week and then, all being well, we will be off on our wanderings again, roll on the day.
Our neighbours on the pontoon took us out to a Ghurka restaurant, absolutely brilliant, if you're ever in Hinckley give it a try, it's up the top of Castle Street. Thank you Derek and Sally off Salpender, will certainly try any others we come across.
I see the Shroppie is closed above Tyrely locks due to a rock slide, it appears that it is going to be a long job as they think the cutting face will need stablising after the cut is cleared. More expense for B.W. and probably another bad year for businesses along there. Woe, woe and thrice woe, B.W. heads for the third sector anademed with vast expenses. I worry about where the cash will come from to maintain the system, can anyone see cyclists coughing up cash to hurtle along the towpath or anglers shelling out more than the pittance that they currently contribute? What chance local councils fronting up for the canals that go through their patches, the square route of b****r all at a guess. Nevertheless we will wander down the primrose path of, not quite, privatisation, like Little Red Riding Hood going to Grandma's house.

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