Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Moan, moan, moan.

Well most of the ice has gone and it is now blowing a gale and raining, this winter is certainly giving us a fair selection of weather, any bets on a plague of locusts at some time?
As I have to go down to Plymouth later in the month the decision has been taken that we will remain here until after that, joy and happiness, stuck here for another fortnight and as the marina is not organised along eleemosynary lines it is costing us shillings numerous, will have to hire another car, money, money, money and me a poor old pensioner, did I not mention the rise in V.A.T? It'll be going round with the begging bowl soon.
I do enjoy a good old moan, it means I fit right in with some of the miserable old gits I keep bumping into.
If any of you find weird long words occasionally used in the blog don't get confused, my eldest daughter sends them to me and challenges me to fit them in, adds a challenge to blogging!

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