Sunday, 17 August 2014

Brinklow, with ice poles.

Day one of the grandsprogs visit. They actually arrived yesterday but as it was late on we won't count it.

First job after leaving Rugby was to top up the water tank, here Nanna initiates the sprogs into the mysteries of boating life.

We pushed on through Newbold tunnel, where none of the lights are now working, and on to All Oaks Wood. Unusual to find plenty of space here so we moored and after a hearty lunch we set off to have a look at Brinklow.

Nice village sign, did you notice the clever bit of narrative/visual continuity there?

Behind the church there are the remains of a Norman motte and bailey castle, we clambered up the steep sides of the motte and Esme and Elliot stayed still long enough on the top to actually get a picture.

Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

The views from the top are well worth the scramble up the mound.

No, she isn't leading him by the ear, emergency treatment for nettle attack had just been administered (Dock leaf).
At the village shop we discovered that ice cream was available and very soon the little 'uns were slurping down the most violent coloured ice poles.

Not sure why Elliot has a thirty m.p.h. speed limit sign growing out of his head.
Once back on board it was "Snap", and "Old Maid", while Nanna cooked up a stupendous roast chicken dinner. They tucked it away like there was no tomorrow and rounded it off with fresh raspberries and clotted cream.
And so to bed.

Watch this space.........

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