Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Security tags and the last lock.

Today at Northampton has been our last day on the Nene, topping up the shopping at the handy Morrisons and then going up into town to find the local M.&S. Jill had bought a new jacket from them when we were in Peterborough and when she came to put it on discovered that the security tag was still on it. It got rather embarrassing when we wandered into W.H. Smiths on the way as it set the alarms off, not to worry, no one took any notice. To cut a long story short M.& S. soon had it removed, with profuse apologies. Jill now looks very smart in her new jacket.

But back to boating, here we are in Becketts Park Lock, the highest on the Nene.

Jill was quite happy to see the last of pointing doors and guillotine gates.
It has been an interesting experience, if sometimes a little nerve stretching. Would we do it again? Probably, but not for a while. Would we recommend it to others? Definitely. If you've not been down this way, why not? Get yourself a gold licence and discover some of the most beautiful waterways in England. It's a shame that there are no decent navigation guides to the area. Imray are a joke, virtually no information for the boater, we backed them up with Ordinance Survey maps, they gave us some idea of what was nearby and where the river was going. Heartfelt thanks go to Sue on No Problem, her guide to the Nene was invaluable.
So tomorrow it is up the Rothersthorpe flight and back to the real world.

Watch this space..........

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