Monday, 11 August 2014

On as far as Braunston.

With much improved weather we made an early(ish) start and in half an hour we were heading through the portal of Braunston tunnel.

Now we've done a few tunnels in our time but today we experienced a strange phenomenon, as we entered the tunnel the air temperature shot up. Result? My specs misted up and suddenly I had no idea which way I was heading. No good taking them off as the world then becomes just a blur, so it was grab a bit of kitchen roll and try to clear them. More by luck than judgement I managed to avoid walloping the wall and they eventually cleared. We only met two boats coming the other way and thirty minutes later we emerged from the Stygian gloom and into the cutting above Braunston Locks.

Luckily there was another boat waiting and we were soon making good time down the flight.

Keep hearing good reports about the Nelson in its present incarnation but have yet to personally try it out.

Stewart and Lloyds are well represented at Braunston at the moment.
We grabbed the first mooring spot we came to although there seemed to be plenty of space. This afternoon we were treated to the sight of President and Kildare passing through breasted up but by the time I woke up to who it was and grabbed the camera they were well past us.
Tomorrow morning it's breakfast in the Gongoozler's Rest, can't visit Braunston without a blowout in that splendid floating cafe.

Watch this space.........

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