Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Catching up.

We are still alive but decidedly frayed around the edges.
So to catch up from our last post.

On the 19th we came through the stop lock at Sutton's Stop and onto the Coventry Canal.

The piles of scrap at Charity Dock just seems to get higher every time we pass. We turned on to the Ashby and spent the night by bridge 3.

In the cutting beyond bridge 5 C&RT are busy dredging, Something BW never managed to get round to.

Esme and Elliot were impressed with the mud.

Seen on the moorings by Hospital Bend, one of my favourite boat names.
We stopped at Stoke Golding. Good moorings by the farm shop.
Next stop was Sutton Cheney and a walk up to the Bosworth Battlefield Centre.

Of course it isn't where the battle actually happened but what's a mile between historians?

I reckon this pair would frighten the tin pants off of any old knight.

Jill also modelled the latest in battle bowlers.
Since then we've been shuttling up and down the Ashby, went back to Stoke Golding to collect daughter Natalie, we had arranged to leave her car in the car park at the farm shop, £1.50 per night. Up to Market Bosworth for a close encounter with Battlefield Line.

We are now at the end of the cut where the next stage of the restoration is going on apace.

Flooding up in October?

We lunched in The Globe at Snarestone, under new management and absolutely excellent.
This is the first time we've had a usable mobile signal for three days so it will be another gap in the narrative.

Watch this space.........

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