Thursday, 30 August 2012

If there were a brick wall handy I would bang my head on it.

The last of the small people departed yesterday, very quiet on board now. We saw them off in the pouring rain, bound for Plymouth. After they had left we sat and watched the rain run down the widows until.......

There should now be a photo' of ducks in the rain but blogspot is off on one of its periodic sulks again and is refusing to acknowledge the existence of photo's and I am unable to upload any. Sometimes I despair of this site. I know it's free but I don't think they would have the nerve to charge for it. And this is the day after I managed to persuade T-mobile to let me have more data after a month of arguing. Am I a technophobe? Too blooming right I am!
Anyway; we are off tomorrow heading south for the Oxford, how far down the Oxford we go is still under discussion but that is the idea at the moment.

Watch this space...................

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