Monday, 27 August 2012

Warwick Castle, part two.

The boys having departed there was now room for the next invasion of grandsprogs. First thing this morning they insisted on feeding the ducks,

unfortunately the arrival of one of the geese proved somewhat intimidating giving rise to

moments of panic. Note how Esme bravely keeps Elliot between her and the goose. Sisterly love.
Another trip to the castle was mooted and agreed upon so after breakfast we set off. Strolling through the town we came upon an unusual letter box,

Cast in 1856 by Messrs Smith and Hawkes at the Eagle Foundry in Broad Street, Birmingham in the shape of a Doric Column.
On arriving at the castle gate it was obvious that, after our previous visit, we were persona non grata. They had shut the portcullis against us, it looked as though in their haste they had shut the Archer out

and he was eagerly seeking entrance. It turned out that he was not worried about a Yorkist attack but was actually giving a demonstration of the defensive measures taken at the gate. He made a good job of it, left us all a bit nervous of going through even after the portcullis was raised. I had to point out to him though that his sword was in need of cleaning, could have been rust, could have been blood, I didn't linger to find out which.
In the main building there was echoes of another civil war, in the State Dining Room

King Charles Ist looked down on us and in the Great Hall next door that arch-villain, war criminal

and military dictator Cromwell was on display. Difficult to know who was the more unpleasant out of the two of them.

Attempts to remove the sword from the stone
proved futile so they sought advice on sovereignty

from an expert.
We saw all the other shows, jousting, The Warwick Warriors and the falconer but as these have already been featured I won't repeat them.
Two visits with grandchildren and they have all voted Warwick Castle, "Awesome".
I reckon they should be paying me for all this good publicity but I doubt I'll get 'owt, story of my life.
If The Archer reads this, it was good meeting you, take care and get that sword cleaned.

Watch this space................

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