Monday, 20 August 2012

Ooh! I was cross but I'm feeling calmer now.

Always a day behind, that's me. Yesterday daughter arrived with two offspring in tow and after a sumptuous repast, again at The Garrick, had departed, depositing said offspring with us. We had just settled down onboard for a post prandial game of snap when we were hurled violently from our seats by the sudden arrival , just for'ard of the side hatch, of an Anglo-Welsh hire boat. Having used us as a brake he then decided that we would make an ideal pivot for his attempts to turn the boat into the pontoon moorings, put his tiller hard over and upped the revs. This resulted in his front fender sliding along the cabin side and then buckling the hinges on the shutter on the side hatch. I feel I should draw a veil over the next few minutes but I suspect the children's vocabulary has been somewhat expanded, just hope they don't use the expansion in front of the vicar. The net result is that we are now at the Anglo-Welsh base at Wootten Wawen awaiting repairs.
This morning we set off from Bancroft Basin for the long climb out of Stratford.

Two willing lock workers in attendance, they are big enough now to shift a lock gate and are really helpful.

Noah was particularly chuffed as he now has his own windlass

which he put to good use although some of the paddles defeated him, mind you they are not the easiest locks in the world.

By Wilmcote however energy and enthusiasm were definitely flagging. They'd both done superbly well.
At Wootton, after chatting with the manager, who is being very helpful, it was out fishing tackle. Good grief, normally we expect a few roach but today

the bream were biteing.

Noah's decided to flip up in the air just as the camera clicked and poor Jonah's never got it's picture taken as it was all a bit fraught as, in the excitement, everybody got in each others way. But it was just as big. One each and then the dinner gong went so the fish will have to wait until tomorrow.

Watch this space.......................

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