Saturday, 21 May 2011

Will the world end today? Hadn't better, it's Jill's birthday.

Wardle lock, the end of the Shroppie

and the start of the Wardle Canal, all one hundred feet of it, claimed to be the shortest canal in the country. The locks around Middlewich need a visit from the lock fairy, Stanhorne lock has only on working top paddle, neither of Wardle locks top paddles will raise fully and Big Lock has only on top paddle in operation, it's going to be fun when the season really starts.

The old wharf buildings at Middlewich are still standing sadly empty and for sale, if something isn't done with them soon they will have gone beyond redemption and the land will probably go for canalside des. res.'s

Despite the best efforts of the locks to delay us we moved on yesterday, this is Armadillo moored at bridge 176, Trent and Mersey Canal, another favourite spot.

What is it with us and ducks? She sat on the front and glared at us until we fed her, I've never been mugged by a duck before. Having consumed a large slice of wholemeal she gave us a look that said "I'll be back," hopped into the water and paddled off with never a word of thanks, an ill mannered duck to say the least.

In keeping with our fitness regime we set off for our daily constitutional and there was this cinnabar moth sunning itself on the towpath. I just can't resist taking pictures of anything as striking as this.

The towpath is just a strip through the burgeoning growth of butterbur and hogweed

whose delicate flower heads surpass the finest lace.

Cast in Stone, the place not the material, in1819, one of the original cast iron mile markers, looks as though it could use a bit of t.l.c. if it is to last another two hundred years.

I shouldn't be let loose with a camera, imagine how much it would all cost if I was using thirty five mill. film, thank goodness for digital technology.
Finally, is this a unique sighting? Have B.W. decided to go for a more colourful cut?

Yellow netting, just as we were getting used to everything being draped in orange.

Harold Camping, radio evangelist of Nowhereville, U.S.A. has forecast the end of the world for today, starting in New Zealand, what have the Kiwis' been up to that they get first dibs? But do you know what? Down the bookies I can't get decent odds on it not happening, do you think they have some insider information, perhaps it has been postponed and only the bookies know.
On a more cheerful note, it's Jill's birthday today and she has been cooking chocolate muffins as a treat. I offered to cook dinner but she won't let me, says I make too much mess. Well I offered.
Tomorrow's weather is looking a tad breezy so it's bridge 176 for another day or two.

Watch this space............


Alf said...

Wardle locks top padles have beeen resticted as the lock used to be too fierce, causes no end of delays when the local hire bases turn out ! Hope you reported the paddle failure at Big Lock to BW.

Chris and Debbie, said...


We have raised a glass - or two -
to her.

That idiot forcast the end of the world a few years ago and caused the death of a stressed out teenager in India.
Hopefully everyone is a bit more "Savvy" these days.

What was that rumble........?

Jill and Graham said...

Happy birthday Jill, we had dinner a little early tonight, just in case - wouldn't want to miss out on Adderley lamb!!! Matilda Rose

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Jill, My glass is raised!..

Gosh that was a big gulp I just had on your special day.. ;)