Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Another day at Cholmondeston.

Once again I spoke too soon, when I wrote yesterday's post we had the moorings to ourselves, about 1600 the world went mad and in the space of an hour we had been joined by another ten, yes ten, boats. Several of them seemed to be travelling together and all were heading in the same direction as us so we decided that another day here would not go amiss, we do hate travelling in convoy. The decision proved to be a wise one, they started queuing before 0900 and at 1030, when we went for a walk this was the scene above the lock,

the overnight moorers having been joined by arrivals from the main line, oh how they were enjoying themselves. So we strode out along the towpath, reassured by the met. office's forecast of any rain being gone by 1000, and soon came upon these chaps,

busily decimating the towpath plant life and cleverly directing most of the cuttings

straight into the water. We passed them just beyond the footbridge, one complaining that they had to go further than they had been told whilst the other peered gloomily into the fuel tank of the mower. Nice to see people happy in their work.

Just a couple of photo's

to remind fellow sufferers from allergic rhinitis, that's posh for hay-fever,

that it's time to get out that nasal spray, anti-histamines, shades and a large box of tissues because these evil plants are now chucking pollen in all directions.
I am a great admirer of witty boat names and although I have seen several with variations on this name

I thought the art work on this one was outstanding. My favorite though was one seen a while back called "Slow Djinn" with an Aladdin's lamp with a series of Z's issuing from it.
We walked as far as Aqueduct Marina and as we turned for the homeward leg the skies darkened and the rain, that the met. office had forecast to be long gone, arrived.

It did seem a long walk back as the rain trickled down our necks, the freshly cut grass clung to our boots and the mud splashed up our legs, but someone seemed content with it all

as he sat atop the hedge proclaiming his territory.
We intend moving tomorrow.

Watch this space.............

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