Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Coole Pilate.

Is that pie-lar-tees as in an odd exercise routine or pilot as in aeroplane jockey? Never have worked it out. Never mind, they are reasonably pleasant moorings although inclined to get a little crowded. Today everyone has carefully left the obligatory half boat length between each boat so taking up enough space for probably another three boats but you wouldn't want to moor right next to another boat, goodness only knows who might be on it, could even be one of those awful continuous cruisers and we all know what they are like.
It must have taken us all of ninety minutes, including watering, to get here from Audlem, but we did have to brave the Audlem white water course,

those old canal builders had a sense of humour. A new boater told us that they had tried three times to get into the lock but they kept being pushed into a log (Out of sight in this picture, below the wall on the left) and were upset at being unable to get into the lock without hitting it. We sympathised most deeply with them, we didn't like to tell them that that was why the log was there and the art was to bounce off it, then off the wall and so into the lock, we felt they might think it was a bit uncouth to bounce boats about like that.
I suspect tomorrow will be a day spent starting spring cleaning, the amount of dust that accumulates from the stove over the winter is unbelievable and I have yet to tackle sweeping the chimney, wonder if I can get away with a days fishing?

Watch this space.........


Alf said...

The trick when the by-washes are running too fast is, once the bottom lock gates are open, open the top paddles, this divets the flow through the lock & reduces the by-wash, & no you are not wasting water just diverting it !

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Try telling that to the boatier than thou types who infest Audlem!