Sunday, 8 May 2011

We meet fellow bloggers.

The shopping is done and the decision taken, definitely going to Chester. We were thinking of moving this morning but as it was blowing a hooley we decided to stay put, tomorrow will do. To be honest by the time we had finished our compulsory Sunday breakfast, full English, it was a bit late to set off.
We didn't bother with the camera yesterday, one Morrisons looking much like another, but there were a couple of photo's left over from Friday.

The parish church dominates the centre of the town, the old churchyard has been opened out to give a large open area, one of the better town centre improvements I have seen.

It doesn't show up so well but these Elizabethan buildings sag and lean in the most alarming fashion, but there again, so do I and I'm nowhere near their age.
We made the normal visits to Clewlows the butchers and Sea Breezes the fish shop down Pepper Street, they actually had Arbroath smokies, cost an arm and a leg but nothing worth having comes cheap.
Today we were delighted to make the acquaintance of the other Graham and Jill, those off of Matilda Rose,

they are moored at the other end of the embankment and knowing we were in the vicinity had walked up to make themselves known. Hope the back soon recovers Jill.
It has been claimed that I have back trouble, my dear lady says it's difficult to get the mattress off it.
Hopefully the wind may have ameliorated somewhat tomorrow and it will be us off northwards.

Watch this space...........

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