Thursday, 26 May 2011

Moored in the Cheshire Flashes, weather not wonderful.

Gawd blimey, what a day.

04.30, don't ask what I was doing up at that ungodly hour, it's an age thing. The air was perfectly still and it looked to have the makings of a perfect day. By 06.00, when I woke fully to the reality of another day, the rain was horizontal and the cut was being whipped into waves worthy of Cape Horn.

Damn, just missed the Flying Dutchman passing. Anyone from the south-west will know what "One foot and clean", means.

Moored here in the Cheshire Flashes you could almost think yourself on the Norfolk Broads, wide waters and reed beds.

Even the wind and rain couldn't spoil the beauty of it, open farmland and just the noise of the wind hissing through the reeds and the small birds calling.
Tomorrow it's back to Middlewich for "A bit of a do".

Watch this space............

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