Friday, 6 May 2011

Half timbering and a clock at Nantwich.

Now tucked in nicely at Nantwich, south of the aqueduct and an expedition through the housing estate led us to a footbridge over the Weaver,

a rather more substantial river here than it is at Brine Pits where we saw it yesterday. It also turned out to be a  shorter route into town, rather than up to the aqueduct and then up Welsh Row. Along the route we traversed this road for a while,

makes you wonder what the locals do for a living.

The town centre was buzzing with the locals taking advantage of the fine weather to go all continental and enjoy lunch al fresco.

Sweet Briar Hall, that is just a beautiful name for a glorious half timbered building. It dates back to the late fifteenth century and is on of the few buildings that survived the fire of 1583 that devastated the town.

This clock, it really is a clock and, contrary to the general rules that govern public clocks, it was keeping perfect time.

We'd never tried The Vine before and it turned out to be a good choice, Hydes Ales from Manchester and the sarnies were spot on, it's up Hospital Street and worth a punt for lunch if you're ever in Nantwich.
Tomorrow is shopping, down to one bottle of red and now out of gin. We'll probably get some food as well. Then it will be decision time, which way do we go from here.

Watch this space...........

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