Saturday, 13 June 2015

Loafing at Little Onn.

We've had a few days away, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Family birthday so we left the boat at Norbury, hired a car and headed off to Aston, it's hardly on the map but it's near Frodsham. Excellent weekend and if you're ever in Frodsham go for a beer in the Helter Skelter, a superb real ale pub.
Having retrieved the boat we headed off to one of our favourite moorings, Little Onn. In fact we have now been sitting here for three days.

Yesterday, while the sun shone we set off for a stroll around the environs, up the towpath we came to Rye Hill Cutting Bridge which, on the Ordnance Survey map, has a clearly marked footpath heading east. Wrong, it peters out after a couple of hundred yards, firmly blocked by growing crops.

Broad beans, pity they are not ready for picking.

So we went on to the next bridge and headed off down a country lane.

We revelled in the dappled shade between the hedgerows heavy with

wild woodbine (Nothing to do with the cheap ciggies of fond memory) and

dog roses.

At Church Eaton we passed the ancient edifice that gives the village it's name. It has the most amazing east Window,

It virtually fills the entire east wall,

well worth a look.

Then it was back to the boat, we have had the mooring to ourselves all the time we have been here, wonderful. Today we are sitting out the rain. Brewood tomorrow, Curry Inn here we come.

Watch this space...

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