Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Chicanes and orbital sanders.

Having enjoyed an, as always, excellent curry at the Curry Inn on Sunday night, yesterday we moved all of a mile and a half south to the S.U.C.S. moorings between bridges seven and eight.
C&RT have introduced a new game at bridge eight, just to make life more exciting they have installed

a chicane.

It really makes life interesting as you come through the bridge, especially if there is a boat coming in the opposite direction. From the amount of algae on it it has been there for a while and it could become a real problem as it moves up and down as boats pass and if it slips down into the navigable channel...

Is it summer at last? Jill took the opportunity to give the washing machine a quick burst and then adorn the towpath while it dried.
As for me, well I took the table out onto the bank, dug the orbital sander out from it's hidey hole, blew the dust off it and, after discovering that the sand paper strips, "Fit all makes" it said on the packet, didn't fit; I cut up several sheets of abrasive and took the old varnish off the table top and gave it a couple of fresh coats.
Chicanes and orbital sanders, what an exciting life we lead.

Watch this space...

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