Monday, 22 June 2015

A new toy.

First a tale of sadness and woe, a dear old friend has passed over to that great photo' shop in the sky. My loved and trusted Canon SX 210 IS gave up the ghost last Thursday. I had been struggling with the zoom on it for a while and eventually the little button that worked became disconnected from the thrumble gromit or whatever it connected to and so, no zoom. Much tooth sucking from the chap in Jessops (Other camera shops are available) about the chance of repair and so; I am now the proud possessor of a Canon SX 710 HS. If the old one was good this one is great. If I can ever translate the techno-babble of the on line manual it'll be amazing.

Birmingham Council House in Victoria Square. See the little semi-circle below the dome? Zoom in with the new camera.

Not bad eh?
So here we are in Brindley Place opposite the revamped N.I.A. Now called the Barclaycard Arena.

Definitely an improvement on its stained concrete predecessor.

Inside the I.C.C. It was just the shapes that caught my eye.
You will have to bear with me, I have a new toy and I'm playing.

Anyone fancy a new tiller pin. The chap assures me his prices are very reasonable.

Some of Brum's golden boys.

So why is it there?

Decisions, decisions. Which pizza is it to be.

Decision made, just a quick slurp before the arrival of the American Hot.
We move on tomorrow, heading for the North Stratford.

Watch this space...

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