Thursday, 23 April 2015

Up off the Monty.

Monday morning and we glumly wait for the lockie at Frankton. Once he unlocked the paddle gear we were off up the flight, leaving the Montgomery Canal behind. We have had two wonderful weeks down here but, as the rules say, no more than fourteen days.

Plenty of gongoozlers admiring our skill at working through the flight. There was one chap off of a hire boat who kindly pointed out to Jill all the mistakes she was making. She must have been in a good mood because the last time I saw him he could still walk.
We spent the night out in the country and on Tuesday headed into Ellesmere. Moored up just behind old friend Owen on Guilt Free Indulgence and had a good old chinwag.
Having completed our first Tescos run it was time to put the satellite dish up. World Snooker Championship from the Crucible in Sheffield, essential viewing. Having climbed onto the roof and found the satellite I set about the descent. As we had just polished the cabin I thought it a good idea to keep my feet well clear so instead of dropping down onto the gunwale I pushed off aiming to land on the towpath. I had forgotten that we were moored on a slight bend and the fore end was about a foot out from the side. Well all I can say is that the water is still cold and the piling has some nasty hard edges. One feels such a prat.

We left Ellesmere this morning. I'm glad you asked, yes, the bruises are getting better but the dent in my pride is still showing.
Just beyond the marina we passed Saturn again, this time with Buckden as her motor, presumambly on her way back from the Easter gathering at the Port..

The first brood of ducklings we have seen this year.
We have stopped for the night on the new S.U.C.S. forty-eight hour moorings by bridge 37, Duddleston Bridge, it is a perfect evening, warm and with the whole world suffused with birdsong. And Sean Murphy is leading Robin Hull nine frames to two.
Grindley Brook tomorrow.

Watch this space..........

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