Saturday, 25 April 2015

Spanish bluebells and a pair of admirals.

Making our way back down the Welsh Canal.

Bluebells at Whitchurch, unfortunately these are Spanish ones, an invasive foreign plant that has escaped from gardens. The problem is that these are able to cross pollinate with our native bluebells and produce viable seed. thus diluting the unique characteristics of the native plant. A recent study found that one in six of the broadleaved woodlands surveyed had the hybrid or Spanish bluebells. Click here for more info.

  Our last view of Grindley Brook locks for a while. This bottom lock is always awkward but yesterday was particularly difficult as the by-washes were belting through.
We stopped at the Willymoor Lock Tavern last night and again sampled its abundant hospitality. Good food and beer. What more can one ask.
We pushed on this morning and were extremely pleased to see Mountbatten and Jellicoe at Wrenbury.

They now have a regular run up the Llangollen, contact them on 0775 6170860 if you are up their way. We topped up the diesel and grabbed another bag of Ex-cel just in case.
As we left the rain started, we pushed on as far as the bottom of Baddiley Locks by which time it was coming in horizontal and running down our necks. A joke is a joke but this was o.t.t. so we pulled in. Not happy as we can't get a fix for the telly, there's a hedge in the way, and we are missing the snooker.

Watch this space.......

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