Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spring cleaning.

I've never known a winter like it for coughs and colds. Jill and I both coughing like good 'uns and don't mention the catarrh, yeucch!!
But we press on. Friday was a move back up to the Weston Arm.

At Heath House there is the old warehouse. Back in the day the fly boats left from here with a passenger service to Manchester. It was also a major collection point for local agricultural produce to be sent fly to the big towns.

A little further on is the entrance to Rednal Basin, once a locally important canal/railway interchange but now totally overgrown as a nature reserve. I don't think the old bridge will ever swing again.

Yesterday morning dawned bright and fair over the junction and we set out on our spring chamfer up of Armadillo. It's handy here, there is a water point and you can just float the boat to and fro to get at both sides.

Washed and a good coat of Auto-Glym applied.

And no.1 lady bends to the task, look at that reflection.

Hmm! Looks like it's time to get out the matt black and give the hull sides a quick touch up.

Watch this space..........

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