Thursday, 30 April 2015

Loose fillings and leaky locks.

This blog seems to be turning into a tale of woe again. Just after leaving Wrenbury and for no apparent reason a rather large filling decided to abandon its ordained position in what remains of a tooth. So at the bottom of Hurleston Locks, instead of turning left for Chester it was a quick right to Nantwich. Fortunately we had been directed to Riverside Dental Surgery, it's at the top end of Welsh Row, next to the Weaver Bridge. Within fifteen minutes I was in the chair and ten minutes later was walking out with a splendid new filling. It is a private dentist but it worked out only eleven pounds more expensive than the N.H.S. That is if you can find an N.H.S. dentist.

This is the top end of Swanley No.2 lock. The sign that had decorated the gate beam claiming that the cill would be repaired "Next Week" has gone but nothing done so far and their is obviously a large void behind the lock wall. Not a good sign.

On the other hand the long awaited repairs to Bridge 5 are progressing splendidly.
Monday afternoon brought a gentle knock on the cabin side and there was John from Jubilee with an invite over for the evening and as we never refuse an invitation we duly presented ourselves. Red wine was consumed and the world was put to rights. I also managed to leave my hat behind when we left. Fortunately a quick sprint up the bank next morning and it was returned to my custody. Thank you John and Jan for a truly enjoyable evening.
Of course, as the whole civlised world knows, this weekend is the finals of the World Snooker Championship so it may be a few days before normal service is resumed.

Watch this space.........

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