Friday, 3 April 2015

Lakes and Mountbatten plus a note on the vocal accomplishments of water fowl.

Wednesday, what happened Wednesday? Oh yes, we moved on to Ellesmere since when all has been chaos. The grandsprogs are arriving tomorrow and since arriving here it has been shopping, cleaning, stowing of vulnerable artifacts etc. etc.

But back to Wednesday. The trip from Bettisfield to Ellesmere takes you through the Shropshire Lake District. Passing Cole Mere on the left and shortly afterwards

Blake Mere on the right. these beautiful lakes are the remnants of the ice age. Pools left behind when the glaciers melted.

Next comes Ellesmere tunnel, at eighty-seven yards a mere baby but as the entire flow of the canal is channelled through it it does make the transit quite interesting.
We were not lookong forward to visiting the marina here, they are inclined to be a touch on the expensive side but Wednesday afternoon a saviour hove into view. It was Mountbatten of the Anderton Canal Carrying Co. Ltd. in the able charge of Jon and Hannah. They happily supplied us with coal, a top up of diesel and a fresh canister of gas at an exceedingly modest cost. I do apologise though, I was so busy heaving bags of coal and gas canisters that I neglected to wield the camera. Having been amply replenished all I had to gift the marina with was a pump out. Result!

0530 and this lot were giving it quack bloody quack and honk bloody honk just outside the boat. So much for the peace of the countryside, it would be quieter sleeping on the central reservation of the M25.
So tomorrow Esme and Elliot will be deposited into our tender care, plan is to take them down the Montgomery and have mother collect them at Maesbury next weekend.
So if posts get even rarer next week you know the reason.

Watch this space........

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Marilyn McDonald said...

I can tell by your writing style that you are back up to full strength. Good-oh!
Enjoy the grandkids - it'll be our turn at the beginning of the Scottish summer break in early July. Looking forward to it!
Cheers, Marilyn