Sunday, 25 May 2014

Where have all the cowboys gone?

After the compulsory Sunday morning Full English we dropped down to the services block for another free pump out, just love the E.A., and a top up of water and then set off upstream. We were on the move by 0830 and fighting a blustery wind.

The river is still straight, wide and open until you get to Pope's Corner,

where the River Cam goes off left to Cambridge and the Ouse goes right and becomes the Old West River. Old West? But there's not a cowboy in sight.
The river now becomes much narrower and winding, altogether more attractive. The speed limit is lowered to four m.p.h. and they have even put out a measured distance so you can judge your rate of progress.

Reminiscent of the Montgomery.

Jill managed to grab this photo' of a Little Egret, we really weren't expecting to see one although the abundance of water does make it a likely spot.

At Stretham Old Engine the river is no wider than many canals. It was built in 1831 and its scoop wheel was used to clear water from the fens up into the river. The steam engine was placed on standby in 1924 when a diesel engine was installed. It was last used in the floods during the 1940's. It is open to the public on the third Sunday of the month.

Just past the Lazy Otter the banks really close in for a short distance but then open out again and are bordered by a fine display of water lilies.

We are now on the GOBA moorings near Aldreth and I will take back my comment about cowboys seeing the speed some boats are passing us.

Also taking into consideration who has just turned up next to us.

Watch this space...........

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