Monday, 5 May 2014

Struggles with a box.

This morning, shaking ourselves free from the fleshpots of  Billing, we set off down stream. No particular destination in mind, just a few hours and a few locks ahead. At Cogenhoe (Pronounced Cook-no) Lock we were caught up by Terry and Ann on Knowle Kingfisher, makes life so much easier when you can share the locks.

The river hereabouts is just beautiful.
All went well until we arrived at Earls Barton Lock. For those not cognisant with the Nene locks the guillotine gate is electrically powered and operated from a a control box on the side. When not in use the box is locked to prevent vandalism and an E.A. key is required to open it.

This is the box at Earls Barton, it was clearly au fait with the locked bit, it just couldn't work out the unlocking requirement. Terry had the first shot and twirled the key in the lock, this was greeted with a stubborn refusal to unlock. So I fronted up with my key, that wouldn't even go fully in the key hole. No amount of coercion would convince it that we needed to gain access. A call was put through to the E.A. and help was promised. A little later a boat arrived from downstream and, after a prolonged struggle the chap managed to open the box and up they came. By now Jill and I had decided that the mooring just above the lock was most pleasant and we stayed while Knowle Kingfisher went on. The box was left open. When the E.A. chap turned up he put his key in the lock and, needless to say, the lock worked perfectly so he shut the box and locked it, giving me the sort of look that said "Numpty". He then tried to unlock it again. I didn't laugh as he struggled and tugged. In the end he replaced the lock.

So we are sharing the field with some rather beautiful horses.

Watch this space.............


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
We are now in Peterborough (well almost) on to Middle Levels Friday.

If you found a windlass when we left you, it's mine ! - I was disrupted by the unusual events.

Looking forward to coming across you again

Terry & Ann (nb Knowle Kingfisher

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Sorry to say we didn't find it, mind you we do have a rather good collection of windlasses that we have accumulated over the years.