Thursday, 22 May 2014

First day on the Great Ouse.

The Jenyns Arms fed us well last night, the rib eye steaks were first class. This morning we set off still feeling surfeited from last night.

I wouldn't say that the river here was boring, a little repetitive perhaps as you are hemmed in by the high banks, but it did give us a chance to let Armadillo have her head. She's not exactly a speed boat but she responded nobly, not travelled at such speed since last year on the Thames.

Well I had to take a photo' of something for the blog and this pumping station was the only thing that presented itself.
We had been running for a couple of hours with no particular stopping place in mind when we spotted some E.A. moorings and decided that a rest was called for.

So here we are, somewhere on the Great Ouse, I climbed the bank and was surprised to find the A10 running just behind it, not a sound seems to reach the river.

So far today we have seen three boats on the move and we were one of them, the river is really quiet. Tomorrow we intend heading for Ely but, as I've said before, "The best laid plans o' mice and men."

Watch this space..........

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