Tuesday, 20 May 2014

It's getting a touch ecclesiastical, but up to date never the less.

We had another day at Three Holes,

moored on the edge of a tatie field. Never saw another boat.
Today we upped sticks and moved on to Upwell, got a ticking off at Marmont Priory Lock as I hadn't phoned the lockie in advance. Slapped wrist.
Well Creek is narrow, shallow and weedy, a bit like certain canals I could mention. We are moored just below the church in Upwell,

a splendid looking edifice but locked, keys at the post office.
As usual we went for a wander, strolled up to Outwell where we were pounced upon by a chap who was determined we should look over their church, you know the type.

It turned out to have the most amazing set of medieval carved hammer beam roof trusses. Dated to the early 15thC. All in a poor state with woodworm and death watch beetle infestation. It's a real shame as they are probably unique.

This chap was my favourite, love the 'tache.

Fine old cottage, just one of many alongside the creek, built of the local Fletton bricks. It was the name that made it stand out.

Probably has gas lighting and inside plumbing.
May well head for Salters Lode and the Great Ouse tomorrow.

Watch this space........

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